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Loans For Bad Credit RankingsIf you have had a bad experience lately looking at loans for people with bad credit ranking, don’t sweat it. It has happened to me multiple times. I’ve even given up and found a different way to deal with things a couple times, but just today, I was able to get the loan I needed. It really surprised me to be honest. I’ll tell you though, I knew I was using a direct lender because I had applied with them before.

Now you might think if I had applied with them before that I knew what to expect. Actually, no because they operate a little differently than payday loan lenders and actually check your credit. While they are known for offering loans for bad credit rankings or ratings, they don’t approve everyone, let me tell you. However, they approved me this time around for exactly the loan amount that I needed.

I found the process to be the best I’ve seen for bad credit loans, and I also found the terms to be the best I’ve had. I’ve had some decent payday loans that were installment loans, but the interest was still really high. I think at the least and with the best terms, I ended up paying 93 dollars every two weeks. I get to pay monthly now, which makes things much better. They offer larger loan amounts, so I might take out a larger loan with an even better interest rate next time for some home improvement projects.

Of course, my credit is improving, so that will only help me. I plan to work on paying down those credit card balances, too. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bigger emergency fund, as that is exactly what I borrowed today, the amount that would be considered a starter emergency fund. Of course, I’m working on that in the meantime.

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